The Darkness behind Me

“Run as fast as you can”, my mind told me. I climbed the stairs like a ninja, skipping multiple steps at a time and making tight corners at the turnings. I took a long sigh once I reached my room without daring to look back at the way I came through. As a child I grew...

I saw her kissing.

6/18/16 2 PM In my bed I don’t know how  I should feel at this particular moment. Just got off the phone with Shreya. She gave me her number, crazy right. Shreya Shrestha, the high school heartthrob just gave me her number and we talked for like 4 hours. Right...

The Pink Submarine

She saw the sea bulge out into a pink submarine. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Half because this was the first time she’d seen the sea in such hot pinkness and half because this was the first time she’d seen the sea, period.

A Special One

She is my ‘girl friend’ with a huge space between the composite word that I just mentioned.


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