2 PM
In my bed

I don’t know how  I should feel at this particular moment. Just got off the phone with Shreya. She gave me her number, crazy right. Shreya Shrestha, the high school heartthrob just gave me her number and we talked for like 4 hours.

Right after supper, I came to my room. It was a normal day and an absurdly normal evening. Bhindi aalu, daal and bhat, what more to make it more stereotypical. I opened my PC and straight went to the Facebook home page, like always. I set John Mayer on the background. Hey 19 likes, and 1 comment on my new Facebook profile picture I took at the college background. Wow. Something exciting to look upon.  The only comment happened to be  from my best friend, actually my only good friend, Vivek. He said “You look great.” In fact he is one who clicked it and pushed me to upload it. I didn’t reply. I know he wasn’t expecting me to.

So, I take a glance at the chat list which unusually happens to be active. There among the list of all the names with a picture on their left and a green circle on their right , I see her. Her. Shreya Angel Shrestha. Angel was not her middle name. But that is what she meant for me. Literally and realistically. Firstly, she was kind, beautiful and very very charming. Secondly, because I could never have her and you can never have angels.

I was trying to have a better look at her profile picture by placing the cursor over her name. a bigger image of her smiling at the camera with the sun rising from her hair popped. I glared at it, imagining her smiling at me. Suddenly, I heard a click. I happened to click the mouse and  her chat box appeared on the bottom of the screen.

My guts kicked in today and I sent a message saying, “Hey there.”
Shit, I forgot the smile emoticon, don’t be lame, don’t be lame. So I sent a smiley emoticon with convex lips with me having a concave curve on this side.

“hey ☺” came a reply in almost no time.

My fingers paralyzed, my heart beat louder, my iris must have grown wider. I forgot English and forgot to reply. The angel has replied, she exists and I exist for her too. I was doing jumping jacks all over my empty hearts. Mayer was screaming “We’re going down. And you can see it. My dear we’re slow dancing in a burning room.”

Shit shit shit.

“Hello?” she replied.

Heey. Sorry, how have you been?

Not so good. You?

*My angel was not good. What might have happened to her? Her fingernails broke. Cold in this summer? An accident? Cancer?*

What happened?

Tell me one thing, why are all boys such douchebags?

*That Ranjeet. He hurt my angel. In my mind, I stabbed him 12 times and bit off his head.*

What happened?

No, nothing. I’m a stupid girl. I always have to go through this. Always.

*My poor Angel. What was her fault? Was her fault to be this beautiful and kind and charming and thebestgirlintheworld?*

Please tell me what happened. Maybe I can help.

Please go and kill Ranjeet. ☹

*Well in fact , I just did. In my mind. A thousand times over.*

You know what there are so less Tigers in this world?

Because poachers are killing them.

*My silly dumb Angel*

No because they’re unique and magical. Just like you are, so people wanna have you. And in the end you end up unhappy.

Ohh. So sweet of you. Thank you. ☺ You know I wish all boys were like you. Such kind warm words thank you.

*I actually did the Gangnam dance*


And the conversation went on and on. We talked about her first crush, the music she liked. How she wanted to be a doctor and help people. How she thought Fire and Ice pizzas were overrated. How much she loved the Katti Rolls and Oreo Milkshake and Java’s Hot Chocolate and Roadhouse Pizzas and Hankook Sarangs extravagant menu. I didn’t ask her out because my monthly pocket money couldn’t afford for one date.  

She talked how much she wanted to go Bungy Jump but was scared the rope might break. How much she wanted to go Mustang but her parents wouldn’t let her. How she wanted a Vespa but got a Dio scooter instead. How much she loved Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, hoping they’d be together and how Selena Gomez seemed like a bitch.

We talked for 4 hours where after an hour that we started talking, actually she started talking and I started listening, she asked if we could chat in viber as too many people were disturbing her on Facebook.

WOW. Did she just ask my number? Did she just ask my number? Ohhh yes she did. Yes she did. So we exchanged numbers and we just hit the road. We started talking in viber on the phone. She kept on talking I kept on listening.

In the end, she told her phone had heated so bad that it could melt. *She was so into me that she chatted while charging her phone.*

We bid goodbye. I was smiling like a crazy person who just won a million dollar lottery but decided not to tell anyone. I was happy as rad. After she went off, I read our whole conversation and hugged my phone. I then went to sleep.



8 PM

I saw her kissing Ranjeet with his one hand inside her shirt and another grabbing her butt at the college background after college.

Fuck her.


Illustration by Nipun Bajracharya.