Pillow Poem

Some nights I find you wrapped tightly in my arms Like I’m afraid to let you go, like I’m afraid of falling into sleep alone, And some nights you let me go After I slip into deep sleep Like I may strangle you With my miserable loneliness. I wake up to find...

Tattoos and Scars

Scars that make her both beautiful and fierce.
Scars are her identity,
her past,
a clear face of what she’s lived and survived,
something she still challenges life to throw at her.


We can talk about the little joys, like the first kiss or the second glass of wine,

Two Strangers

Something that felt good
Grieves forgotten and bliss found


You’re new And everything new in this world either scares people or has them captivated by its glitter   Shining like a disco ball in a night club that I would see in my dreams You had eyes, like most people do But you never used them to see I learn to love...

My mind is a cosmos.

My mind’s nothing less
Than a universe of its own
It’s the fabric of my thoughts


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