It started with a feeling.

On a lazy afternoon, around six people sat in a living room sipping chiya, with their back to the carved sanjhya wondering what to do next. These six people along with few more had met through a series of writing workshop that then extended to become a book club. But realizing that just having a bookclub wasn’t going anywhere, and wanting to start something, so that the group would always remain together because the group somehow had become a family, Jhimikka was born.  

But obviously that was not how the name got coined.

After deciding the need to start something, all of us sat in the living room, sipping chiya, wondering what the perfect name would be. And somehow, someone, staring at the chiya, suggested Ek Cup Chiya, for people who love to sip tea as they love to read and write. Soon after, we realized that the name already belonged to someone else (this broke a member’s heart because it was also her blog name), we kept on wondering, pondering, sharing and daring names to each other. A group chat on Facebook, once upon a time, was filled with names from songs to movies to books to everything one could think of. We shared a Nepali dictionary because we wanted a Nepali name (mainly because it would be easier to have the domain and Instagram username if it’s a Nepali name) and finally someone suggested Jhimikka after two three iterations.

Jhimikka then became Jhimikka of today after almost six months of dedication and constant struggle to balance life and the dream of having it online. We lost few members and gained new ones as we went by, before becoming public and also did a meet up and a project (Flirt with Jhimikka). We wanted to do more but we had to balance life.

And now, we just want to expand more. Reach out to more people. And for that we need your help. We want you to share your stories with us. Show us how you express, and tell us your feelings. Because the idea behind Jhimikka, of course, is to be a platform for people who just like to express themselves – either through writing, photography or any other medium. We have so far focused only on writing because we currently consist people who love writing (except our illustrator) but we want to explore more. This is a collective blog for you guys, for those who want to express their feelings up, for those who just want to share.

Send us your expressions either through our contact page or through email at . Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Come back to our site time and again, and send us your feedback too. That’s all we ask.

Till next time, happy reading!

Jhimikka Team.